I'll turn your startup idea
into a web application

With years of experience building web apps, you can rely on me to get your business up and running in weeks.

Will your application scale with your business?

Every business grows differently. I'll ensure your app can handle it.

Security is a top priority. I'll use my experience to keep the hackers away.

At Synack, Inc., I worked under former NSA agents and was exposed to hundreds of web vulnerabilities. I learned best practices in software development on how to protect your application from hackers. As your customer base grows, it's critical that you keep your customer's data safe. I can do this for you, whether you're charging credit cards or storing sensitive information.


Consumer applications must handle millions of users.

I got involved with Texts From Last Night when it was receiving about 100,000 visits per day. I re-built the platform so that it could scale with their viral popularity. By the time TFLN was receiving almost 5 million page views daily, I had learned a ton about what is needed to support millions of users. When you're receiving this level of traffic, downtime can mean considerable lost revenue; don't be caught unprepared.


As your company grows, will your employees be able to work efficiently?

All web applications require an internal application that supports typical business functions. For example, an e-commerce site will need an admin panel to manage customers and orders. A SAAS app will require access to account information and how customers use your application. Often, building admin panels are treating as an after-thought. However, they should be built with purpose, as the ability for your company to perform day-to-day operations efficiently leads to higher productivity.


We can speak a common language.

Let's face it, sometimes engineers sound like they're speaking a different language. We'll have extensive conversations (in normal english) so that I can build the best web app for your business. It's critical that I understand what value you're providing to your customers and what business model will monetize that value. I'll help you to understand how technical choices will affect your bottom line. Through my experience working with lots of clients, I can share successful and unsuccessful approaches to implementing various business models.


Interested in some advice on how to build a web app?

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Some of my Favorite Technologies

I often use these technologies, but I learn tools to fill the need.