How much will it cost to build my app?

Warning: pricing a project without hearing a single detail is considered by most to be black magic.

How long do builds typically take?

I categorize products in three buckets: simple, average, and complex. Simple apps don't have anything too crazy going on, but still has a good amount of valuable functionality. Complex apps often have various integrations with other products and may have features which require considerable time to develop. I tend to find that simple apps take 150 to 200 hours, average apps 200-300, and complex apps over 300 hours. So a rather complex app that takes 300 hours to develop will be created in roughly 8 weeks.

How do I find out the complexity of my app?

Once you've initiated contact and decide that you want me to build your app, we begin defining requirements. The deliverable of this process is a document that outlines user stories defining what your customers will be able to do with your software. If possible, we create this in person, preferably with a whiteboard so that we can get all our thoughts expressed. This time is billed by the day, and you're not obligated to use me after this process. Either way, you'll have a valuable document towards building your application. I travel wherever you need me to for this exercise.

How much do you charge?

Half days are billed at $600, full days at $1,200, and weeks at $4,800. I work at least 4 hours in a given half day, time over that is included. Based on a complex app that takes 300 hours to complete, the development cost would be $36,600.

When are the payments made?

After the requirements document has been finalized, 33% of the estimate is made before getting started. Once an alpha version of the software is complete, an additional 33% is due. At this point you'll have a version that you can use but will be rough around the edges. We'll iron it out, and ensure that the product has all the functionality needed for production. The final 34% is due when the product is ready to be made live.

What if we go over budget?

Communication is critical to a successful build. If we're discussing time implications for the features that are being built, then you can make an informed decision as to whether they are worth the investment. I'll do my best to estimate the total number of hours up-front down to a 25 hour interval. If you decide that additional functionality is required before going live, I will issue an invoice bi-weekly.

Can I see a copy of your contract?

You sure can! Download it here.

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